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News discussion is broken. Social media has become a hot-bed of fake news, abuse and low-quality discussion. Platforms trying to please a billion users can't focus on the needs of quality content producers. Popularity has been confused with importance. 

BETA Program NOW OPEN to journalists, academics and domain experts!  


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Better Quality

Twitter's firehose is hard to keep track of, while Facebook's 'news feed' contains anything but. Briefr helps you track the topics you care about, from people you trust. 

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Better Responses

Fed up of tedious responses, drive-by abuse and shouting into the noise? Briefr surfaces your posts to the most useful and relevant people, while letting you limit responses to the people you trust. 

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Better Briefings 

Keep track of complex issues or just slow things down, by reading or publishing  Briefings - collections of news in microblog format - via web, social media or e-mail. 

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Using Data for Good

Other social networks use your data to sell advertising. Data from our platform helps to train Factmata's 'Credibility Engine' - an advanced AI based on natural language processing and deep learning, capable of detecting hyper-partisan content, hate speech, clickbait, fake news. 

We use that data to help advertisers and other businesses avoid malicious content, helping to defund the people who produce it.

That means every time you share something on our platform, you're helping us make the web a better place.  

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Briefr is a news sharing platform for collaborative news discussion, focused on quality and credibility over likes and popularity.


We're looking for journalists, bloggers, academics, domain experts and news enthusiasts to take part in our beta program.


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